The "Merens en Liberté" association offers to promote the old Merens race which the knights of the Middle Ages particularly appreciated. Indeed, their dark coat bring them originality and character furthering them a proud appearance greatly appreciated for cavalry. Stoutness, obedience and robustness were foremost assets for a knight.
Our captain, Pierre of Aragon, will strongly lead our noble Merens cavalry and will be helped by his lady, Michelle of Castille. If you wish to ride such animals, you must know that it will cost you many small coins.

Harnessing: Merens en Liberté et Trencavel Company link their knowledge for the showing of the harnessing of a cell inside where it is good to lock up scoundrels. Used in other configurations, it allows the transport of troups, women, wounded soldiers or warriors. Harnessing has got several options of animation.